Well balanced honest kitchen dog food

The Honest Kitchen Keen dog food is made with the highest quality ingredients for all dogs out there. It was created for more active canines. Each low-carb batch of Embark is made with good, healthy stuff like cage-free turkey and antioxidant-rich produce.

It is balanced in protein and fats. That is to say more calories and less carbs in every batch make it the perfect meal for active puppies and adults of all breeds and sizes. The honest kitchen dog food is perfect for adult dog maintenance and senior dogs. It is also important to mention that it was developed as a budget friendly recipe for sensitive hounds who want great low-gluten nutrition.

This dog food is made from the most pristine, human-edible healthy produce and meats available and contains no red flag pet food ingredients like corn, soy, rice, beet pulp or wheat. If you are looking to embark is a dehydrated dog food that is complete and balanced for all life stages and breeds, then you should consider the honest kitchen dog food. This dog food is made with no by-products, preservatives or GMO ingredients; just add warm water, wait 3 minutes and serve a delicious & healthy meal.