Amazing Dog Chew Toys For Your Furry Friend

Treating your dogs to all the good doggy things money can buy is no doubt every dog parent’s guilty pleasure. One of the more popular items dog owners buy for their pets are dog chew toys. And reasonably so, they’re quite affordable, with tons to choose from – from the good old bouncy ball to the amusing squeaky toy.

Dog chew toys provide your precious pups entertainment while keeping him active, among other things. For those mellow nap time moments, you can get him a plush or knitted chew toy. The soft fabric can go easily from toy to pillow. For dual function toys, you can find rubber ones that you can stuff with treats. Surprise your furry friend during a game of catch with a tasty bone biscuit inside his rubber chew toy. And of course, you can buy them squeaky toys and ball for both play and chewing action.

When picking out your dog chew toys, make sure that they are made from safe materials. There have been several cases when chew toys contain toxic ingredients that can harm dogs, such as certain brands of rawhide bones and chew toys. Do your research, ask you vet, and buy only those that are guaranteed safe for your furry babies.